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Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis

The spinal cord conducts nerve signals to and from the brain. So any damage to it, to the vertebrae that protect it, or to the tissues responsible for maintaining its good health can dampen nerve signal transmission. What that means in simpler terms is that spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis of varying types.

The nature of that paralysis depends on the "completeness" of the damage and the location on the spine of the damage. Injuries to the cervical vertebrae (in the neck) can block the brain from sending signals beyond the neck area and result in quadriplegia. Injuries located on the thoracic region can result in paraplegia. Injuries to the lumbar area can result in semi-paralysis of the legs and bowel/sex organs. Injuries to the sacral region can also result in paralysis and/or loss of control to the body’s lower regions.

Despite the traumatic and destabilizing nature of many spinal cord injuries, recovery or partial recovery is possible. Directed carefully by a doctor and trained rehab therapist, the body has a marvelous potential to heal itself. For instance, simply correcting minor postural problems can take tension off of areas of the spine. The important thing is to look towards the long term. Recovery from SCI will not happen overnight. It will likely take a lot of effort and training to maximize your functions and regain what movement you can.

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